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I am moving to another blog. I spent the early hours of the morning trying it out and this is where you will find me. Upstatelisa. Catch ya later!

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Last of the gifts

p1010006-3.jpgWell, Christmas Day was filled with goodies, mostly for the kiddos. My handmade gifts were well appreciated and my 8 year old was surprised to find out that her new bathrobe was made by me!


This was an uncompleted gift.

p1010025-2.jpgI just didn’t have enough time to finish the long planned gift hanging for my hubby. One of his favorite books is Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. This is one of a couple of his favorite quotes from the book. I discovered this free piecing method online via Spirit Cloth  (thanks Jude!) at LazyGalQuilting (thanks Tonya!).  My plans are to put a piano keys type border and do a lot of hand quilting/embellishing before it is all done.

Of course, at this time of year, we all need tissues. So, I made some tissue keepers using some ice skating fabric for some of our ice skating friends.


One of the greatest gifts I received yesterday was the gift of time. I had bought a book at Joann’s a while back and had been waiting to try it out, The Perfect Bag by Linda McGehee. This is what I did for my first try.

perfect-bag-1.jpg I loved the piping. I had also purchased Susan Cleveland’s Groovin Piping Tool and love it!

So…now that most of the handmade gifts are done, save hubby’s quilt, I have to move on to a project that calls my name. My Elvis auction quilt for the JDRF Gala at the end of January. Stay tuned.!

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Bowled Over at the Crack of Dawn

Well, no matter that it is Christmas vacation…. I still wake up at 4:00 AM!!! The gym is closed today so I got up and cut some fabric, had some coffee, took a shower, and did a couple of quick errands before anyone wakes up.

This is what I saw this morning:

dawn-1.jpgdawn-2.jpg The moon was full and beautiful!

Even though I haven’t blogged for a week, that doesn’t mean I have been sitting idly. I whipped up a variety of handmade gifts. Some I photograhped, some I will once the recipients open their gifts.

 bowl6.jpgp1010002-10.jpgThe bowls are made with wrapped clothesline from the book It’s a Wrap. I took a class at one of our LQS this summer. It is lots of fun to do! The blue bowls are filled with candied almonds I made last week. The larger red bowl is filled with assorted yummy cookies that I made this weekend. I also made a couple more ipod pouches

pouches1.jpg and a couple of log cabin coasters. Not to mention a couple more notebook covers, tissue holders, a bathrobe and who knows what else.

This morning I started the process of making our family’s favorite bubka (a yeast bread/cake with cinnamon and raisins); now it is rising in the fridge all day.

I still have a few things I want to work on today and clean house too!

Happy Holidays!!!!!

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Sunday Sew-in’

Well, it is certainly looking a lot like winter here.


My son and I spent about an hour outside shovelling (who needs to go to the gym on a day like this?!) We got a lot of snow overnight!

Now, I plan to use a good part of the rest of the day for sewin’ and quiltin’!

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It’s all black and white


I took this photo on Thursday but couldn’t seem to download it until now. My black dress against the backdrop of fresh snow.

The dress is finished.  And I wore it last night!

p1010005.jpg (It always seems like when I need a photo taken of me, the only one around is my 8 year old!)

So, now that the dress is done…. on to more things yet to be made! My list grows as it shrinks.

1.  A few more holiday gifts to make.

2.  Surprise free piecing project.

3.   Start working with the Elvis fabric to make an auction quilt for our JDRF Gala in late January.

It is supposed to start snowing heavily tonight into tomorrow and besides shovelling, I plan to sew!!!! I love a Sewing Sunday! I will post what I create!

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Busy Beaver

I have been a busy beaver and haven’t had any time to blog.

I have still been getting to the gym about 4x/week for vigorous exercise. Today, we had a cardio circuit with 20 minutes on a machine with one minute rigorous intervals every 4 minutes. Got my heart rate going above 170! First though, I ran for about 9 minutes at 5.9 mph. Then for strength training, we focused on our triceps today. Those muscles will be singing tomorrow!

Lately, though, I have been working on handmade holiday gifts. I bought some Metro Blues fabric online and whipped up a bunch of things for an ensemble including a drawstring backpack, tissue holder, checkbook holder, notebook cover, and small zippered pouch. Check out the labels I had made up by Namemaker.


I also made a bunch of fabric bowls.


And lastly, I have begun to make a little black dress. First though, I am still unsure of my sewing pattern size, so I made a quick mock-up of the dress in muslin (without a zipper) and tried it on. I think I have the size right. Sorry the photos are so unglamorous. One I took myself in the mirror, the second one, taken by my 8 year old before school this morning, was without a flash.


Okay, enough blogging! Back to the sewing room!!!!

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Hips and strips

I managed to get some sewing time in yesterday amidst trying to finish cleaning my sewing room (still needs work :-) ). I bought the latest edition of Quilts & More a week ago. Hubby’s family has decided that gift giving to adults is unnecessary (my family made that decision a while back too) but my sister-in-law and I are thinking that handmade gifts would be fine. I always make a lot of gifts at the holidays, particulary for school staff and friends. I saw some ideas in the magazine and decided to buy it. So I tried the “Mod Music” pattern, an IPOD case.

podpouch2.jpgpodpouch3.jpg My first attempt is modeled on the hip of my 14 year old daughter. Generally, I like this case. I have to say that while I have a habit of not reading directions clearly, I read and reread parts before I decided that I was sewing pieces closed that I was not meant to. It took some assuming on my part but it is done. It doesn’t take long and I think it is a neat gift. Gotta make some more of these hip holding IPOD pouches.

Last night, after my younger daughter had finished her homework, she decided to open the bottle that she has been using to store her used blood glucose testing strips. For some reason, she decided early in the spring to start collecting the strips. I think her original intention was to collect 100 so that she could use them in a display for the next 100th day of school activities but the collection just kept on collecting. She started counting but lost interest around 350 and there were plenty more to be counted….thousands probably. So many pricks to her little fingers! But she is a real trooper, a real inspiration! strips-1.jpg

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